Someone copied my exam

Lori : It's going OK. Just trying to keep up with all my assignments. How about yours? Brian : It's OK. I'm having some trouble keeping up in math class, but I've got a friend who is going to help me out, so I think I'll pass. Brian : Well, he already had the class, so I'm just going to use his homework and change the answers some. It's not like I'm not going to study, because I'm studying his notes! Sage : Whoa there, Brian. Isn't that a violation of the academic integrity policy?

Deena : Yeah Brian. I'd be careful if I were you. I think that's called cheating. Jose : Way serious man. It's cheating because you plan to turn in homework someone else did and pretend you did it. Lori : Get real, Brian. You know that's cheating. Why don't you let us help you study instead of using your friend's homework? Jose : Yeah, I've already had that math class.

I can help you understand the problems better. They have math tutors there who can help you. That's where I went for help with my math course. Brian : I guess I could do that. I never really thought about what I was doing as cheating.

someone copied my exam

I certainly don't want to be considered a cheat, nor do I want to get caught cheating! Thanks for setting me straight guys! Jose : Even if you get a lower grade, it's better than knowing that you only got a good grade because you cheated.

Academic cheating is anything you do to make it appear that someone else's work is your own or allowing someone else to copy your work and submit it as their own. It can include sharing another's work, copying answers on an exam or homework assignment, buying a research or creative paper, paying someone else to do your work for you, obtaining copies of exams, homework assignments, and notes and using them in place of doing your own work, etc.

When grades, rather than education, become the focus, students become more willing to do whatever it takes to get an "A. Jose : Hey Sage.

I was just telling Brian about Phil getting caught plagiarizing. Sage : Yeah. That was tough man. But he should have known better. Google and Turnitin.Yes, we can. Blackboard put a lot of work into the anti-cheating technology.

Can professors see ALL actions on Blackboard?

If we want, we can set it so that you can't run any other programs while you have the exam up, or we can see the access logs to see what you've done. I am curious as to why faculty would post questions in advance on blackboard if they didnt want them read and available. The scenario described by the other responder would deal with a timed, take once only exam.

There is a software solution that can be added in to blackboard at extra cost which locks down the browser during a test and this would prevent a student from copying and pasting as well - however unless the exam is being taken under a supervised situation there is nothing that would prevent a student simply having a laptop or other internet device open to google answers to questions while taking the exam on another.

With this possibility the issue of cutting and pasting into a document is irrelevant. It depends on the nature of the test - for a formative assessment then it might be quite appropriate for the student to look things up to help them answer the question - these would have been called open book exams before the age of computers.

In my opinion summative exams, in which students are not supposed to look things up, have to be carried out in an invigilated environment where all students take the exam a the same time eg in a computer lab They woud also not normally be able to see the questions before the exam start time this is easy to control in blackboard with adaptive release. I dont really see that preparing for an exam, where the questions are known in advance, is in any sense of the word cheating!

I am in college, and a friend of mine is attempting to copy and paste the questions of one of our exams to a word document in order to study the questions, find the answers and get a better grade on the exam.

I know you can copy and paste from an exam, however, I also know professors can SEE your actions on blackboard, like what sections you click into and how you navigate through their folders for their course. However, I'm not sure if they can seee that a student copied and pasted from the site.

Busted! I Got Caught Plagiarizing My Homework

I don't think copying an exam to increase your chances of doing well is a good idea, not only because it is illegal but because of the possibility of getting caught. Still, I don't feel as if I can talk to my friend about it because I don't have proof that it can be seen; if I don't have proof beyond mere possibility that he could get in trouble, I doubt he'll listen. SO, does anyone know for sure if a professor can see that a student copy and pasted from the site? Answer Save. Frank Lv 7.

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HELP: someone copied my APUSH exam

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Get instructions for your doctor to fill out VA claim exam forms. The doctor will give the exam results to our VA claims processors. Our claims processors will decide your claim based on these results, plus your other medical and military records. If you have questions about the claims process, call your nearest VA regional office.

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If your tutors have set the questions and done their research for their lessons and teaching which they will have donethen they will also know the references on the Internet and books available in the library, and will recognise phrases from those books or websites. Plagiarism is a very serious form of cheating, never underestimate the punishment you would receive for plagiarising someone elses work.

If you want to use points and information from a formal reliable source, then quote it. Put it in quotation marks, and cite the reference for it. This shows that you have done your research and are using reliable sources of information. This is called plagiarism, if you have copied it that is. You need to clarify where you sourced your information to substantiate your findings and then reference where you found it.

There is a style or flow of your writing technique throughout your essays which should be consistent. If you are caught you will be disqualified and immediately fail the course.

It can be very easy to detect when a student's writing style changes from poor spelling and grammar to perfect academic writing or no reference is given. If you need to ask this question then I am worried for you.

Plagiarism is a very serious offence and the people marking your work are trained professionals who can spots all levels of plagiarism.

Complying with the Eyeglass Rule

If you need to copy work then you should no longer be in education. Simba Lion Knows Worst Lv 6. Also, is writing what you have written pretty much the same but with different words and with the layout changed considered as cheating not full essays or anything but points and information. Thank you in advance. Answer Save. Polly Lv 4. Examiners are experts, they will have read all the textbooks you use.

And yes, just changing things round is still cheating. Ray C. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Because they have examinray eyes. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Academia Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education. It only takes a minute to sign up. In class, over the course of a semester, I tend to build up a mental model of individual students' communication abilities.

For example, one student might seem more or less eloquent than another when they speak. One might make more cogent points than another. Occasionally, I will receive an essay which appears exceptionally eloquent and cogent, from students who seemed distinctly average. Of course, I make the cursory checks for plagiarism searching certain unlikely phrases, etc.

Some sites offer to sell the services of trained academics and graduate students for menial essay writing, and often the questionable assignments look more like the quick and under-edited work of a master than the polished work of a novice. Of course, if the essays are paid for, and original, it's naturally very hard to prove it.

Are there any techniques I could use to determine whether an essay that I suspect was written by someone else, but not published elsewhere, is a student's own work? Are there any steps I can take to ensure I don't receive questionable essays in the first place? Then, say: "I was really impressed by your recent paper, it was an excellent piece of work!

Let's discuss it some more. Student who didn't do the work is unlikely to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation about said work. This still isn't proof of any kind, and you can't accuse student of cheating without some evidence - but if you're lucky, student will at least be spooked enough to never do it again. Assign essays that are a few steps beyond, but still closely tied to, what's been discussed in class, such that somebody who wasn't in the class will not be able to produce the kind of essay you're expecting the effectiveness of this depends very much on the subject matter.

First, begin any essay assignment with clear instructions on the amount of outside assistance that is allowed. Many universities have "drop in writing tutors" who are paid albeit often rather modestly to help students with their writing assignments. These tutors are well-trained on how not to help too much: e. Having students expressly acknowledge the outside help that they get, even if absolutely legitimate, helps towards fostering good academic practices. Thus if they go to the university's writing center or some similar entity, that's fine assuming that above it has been clarified by the instructor to be fine; but if your university has a writing center then it seems like a bad idea not to allow your students to use it in at least some waysbut they should still acknowledge it.

Pay Me To Do Your Exam, Quiz, Lab, Tests & Classes

This goes a long way to combating the problem of "mysterious diction", i. You should really enforce this practice: if it turns out that a student went to the writing center and didn't report it, lower their grade at least slightly: this helps to reiterate that this is very important to you.

In fact:.Within these past days, my classmates have been telling me to share my answers to them during our exams, so i let them copy to me. I don't know if it is really a sin because i think it is.

someone copied my exam

Actually, I did not used to do this before. I am a serious student and not the kind of person who have lots of friends. I just want to flee from committing sins.

Well personally, I'm sure our theist friends on here would object to this as "sin. However, I would object to it on different grounds. I think that you are enabling an immoral behavior by condoning an atmosphere of cheating. In addition, don't let other people profit off of your hard work and intelligence, as that's not fair to you.

These students might really need to know this kind of information in their future and you're harming their efforts to learn.

someone copied my exam

Nope, you keep up the good work and try not to allow the peer presure get to you, pray for your class mates to be able to do better on their assignments, what do you think the consequences will be if your ever caught giving out the correct answers. Technically you would be breaking the rules of the school and since we are called to obey authority I think it would be wrong for you to do this. Besides, you would also be causing others to sin if they copied by you allowing it.

Its not wrong and they should study themselves but it wont keep you from going to Heaven. If Jesus was in your position he probably wouldnt let them copy but he would show them the right way to do things. They wont benefit from going the easy route though, its only hurting them. And while you're at it, think of this: how would you like to be the patient of a doctor or technician who got their degree by cheating?

That's kind of scary, isn't it? I certainly wouldn't copy your English exam answers and that is coming from someone with crappy grammar. Sinner Guides an Other Sinner!! Ive been an honor student and always getting high grades on our math subjects. Answer Save. John Lv 6. Laurie Bridges. How do you think about the answers?

someone copied my exam

You can sign in to vote the answer.From community college to online programs. Check out our directory of virtual campus tours we know about right now. Check out our exclusive directory of extended deadlines we know about right now. DFindividuals 21 replies 10 threads Junior Member. May edited May Post edited by DFindividuals on May May No need to be worried. You're not the one who copied so it's all good. The fact that you didn't notice him copying the whole time might be a slight fault on your part but still, nothing to be worried about.

Lugubrious 47 replies 8 threads Junior Member. Didn't they alternate R and Qs? MetalMeatwad replies threads Member. Don't worry, the other guys life is over not yours. As long as the school verifies that you are the one who answered correctly, and he was the cheater, you're fine.

It'll be obvious if you two have different forms. Call the Office of Testing Integrity. They always tell you at the beginning of the exam that if you notice any irregularities, you should call their office and speak to them. The number should be in your AP Student Pack, according to their reports, and on the Collegeboard website.

Just curious, if you do get busted, does only your grade for the test in question get canceled or do the grades for all AP tests you took that year get canceled?

Ilovesoftball44 replies threads Senior Member. Probably only that test because they can't prove that he had cheated on the previous exams, if that were the case. At my school we all sit at different tables in the library. You should call collegeboard AND email them. Oh, that stinks I'm so sorry that that happened to you. Yeah, I would contact the College Board, and explain your situation to them.

If you contact them ahead of time, they're more likely to think that you were being honest HaoJin replies 15 threads Junior Member. A college professor was talking to me about this.